ALOHA... Dear friends, please read all the items listed below. We are inviting visitors who can seriously and sincerely follow these guidelines and basic rules. Please follow up with us for clarification if you not understand the guidelines, intentions or reasons behind these guidelines. Please understand that this program is for work exchange volunteers who are ready, willing, and able follow the guidelines below.

1. No meat, fish or eggs are allowed while you take part in this program...also, no intoxication of any kind is allowed. This means drugs, including tobacco, marijuana, caffeine, alcohol, etc. No growing pot on the land or anywhere else. If you want to grow, smoke, buy or sell pot, go live somewhere else. No illicit sex. No gambling. No borrowing money (bring your own money or work honestly for it). The above regulations should be observed at all times, not just while people are on the land. This is a sort of detox and cleansing program also, and we want everyone to have good association with people in the mode of clarity and goodness. We are trying to live in the mode of goodness (sattva) so that we can make an attempt at spiritual life while practicing the principles of Bhakti/Karma Yoga.

2. Please do not bring people back to the land or invite anyone on to the land without first getting our permission. We don’t want people coming to or staying on the farm until they read, understand, fill out and sign an agreement form.

3. Please do not borrow or take anything from anyone's house or area without first getting permission from that person. Be respectful of others' property. No stealing. No cheating or lying. Do not loan anything belonging to someone else out to anyone, no matter what. This problem results in a lot of lost tools and wasted time. Return everything promptly and in good condition! We can’t afford mistakes and lost tools etc. Be responsible for anything you lose or break/damage.

4. For hygienic reasons, all trash must be removed by whoever brought it there right away. Do not wait for someone to do it for you. If you don't have a car then take it out little by little. Don't let it pile up! Everyone should keep their living space clean and sanitary. We don't want to invite disease and rats around. Everyone should bathe regularly and should keep on top of any infections or contagious illnesses that they might have. Clothes worn to gatherings should be clean and modest and people should wash their hands and feet before going to any kind of gathering. If you have ukus (headlice), get rid of them! If you come down with a contagious sickness you must go into quarantine to prevent others around you from getting sick.


Thank you very much for your time and consideration, and please follow up with us if you have any questions or concerns. Mahalo!

5. Liability Issues: We will not be held responsible for any injury or loss, resulting on the land to you or your children. If you get injured you must have insurance, and pay for any medical and other costs involved. We do not cover you as an employee. You are not considered our employee. Everyone should be careful, act safely, and watch their children very closely. Every one should / must have their own gloves, high top rubber boots, long pants/shirt, hat, hooded rain jacket, first aid kit and protective gear, all which is essential to work safely in whatever kind of work we are doing. Everyone must have medical insurance, savings, and other insurance to be medically / financially responsible for themselves. If you get injured, it will be your financial responsibility for all costs.

6. It is essential to remember that we are endeavoring to create a community based on the writings and teachings of the great masters of Bhakti Yoga. We are inviting people to come and learn, not to preach or teach. We are offering this place for cooperative and interested people to come to learn and understand this philosophy of life.